We are very delighted to present to you our newest brochure about our most recent business delegation visit to Pakistan from 23rd to 29th April 2019. Enjoy reading and looking through the pictures and we look forward to your feedback!

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Visit to the second Patty’s Child Clinic in Mianwal Ranjha

Patricia Poetis, Founder of the Chillianwala Lions Club and initiator of the Patty’s Child Clinics Pakistan, together with her husband Honorary Consul Dr. Poetis and her daughter Philomena Poetis, visited the construction site of the second Patty’s Child Clinic in Mianwal Ranjha on 28thApril.

Ahsan Mehmood Baba, President of the Chillianwala Lions CLub and the Director Patty’s Child Clinics Pakistan and Mr. Zia Ullah Ranjha, Ex-Mayor of Mianwal Ranjha, arranged a reception in the honour of the delegates. More than 500 hundred locals, including many women, participated in the event and thanked the Poetis family for their humanitarian work. For more information please visit our website.

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Patty’s Child Clinics Pakistan enters the second round

The Patty’s Child Clinics Pakistan (PCCP) team is proud to announce that we were able to start the construction work for the second clinic in Mianwal Ranjha, Mandi Bahauddin District, last week. PCCP offers mothers-to-be comprehensive medical care from the first days of their pregnancies through to delivery, examination and vaccination of the newborn children and all follow-up treatment.

Patricia Poetis, initiator of the project, said: “This is wonderful news. In Chillianwala, we were able to give almost 3,500 children a smooth start to life and treated over 10,000 mothers medically. We see every day how important this work is, and are especially grateful to our supporters – the Lions Foundation International, the Lions Foundation Germany, and the great helpers of the Lions Club Chillianwala, who did everything in their power to enable the construction of a new clinic.”

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Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev receive Ewald von Kleist Award at the Munich Security Conference

“History is not written by those who fear and balk in front of challenges. It is written by those who are bringing changes to the right side of history,” said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday night. Together with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, his counterpart from North-Macedonia, the two leaders were recognized for their successful diplomatic achievements with the Ewald von Kleist Award at the Munich Security Conference 2019.

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ISPO Networking Dinner
The Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan hosted an ISPO Networking Dinner in Munich.The Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan and the Pakistan Sports Goods Manufacture & Exporters Association in cooperation with the Embassy of Pakistan in Berlin and Honorary Consul Dr. Poetis organised an ISPO Networking Dinner on the occasion of the ISPO trade fair on 3rd February in Munich.

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Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder with Honorary Consul Dr. Poetis and his wife Patricia Poetis. (Photo: Egon Lippert)

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Bavarian Business Delegation to Pakistan October 2018, Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser on Commerce, Textile Industry and production and investment with the status of Federal Minister, Mr Rieger, Head of Delegation and Honorary Consul Dr.Poetis

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20170217-MSC 2017: MSC, Bayerischer Hof, Atelier, Honorary Consulate General of Pakistan

Hidden Champions 

Economy Talks 2017 

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Pakistan Participates in ISPO 2017

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Coverage of Economy-Talks 2017 by Geo Tv

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Dr. Poetis’s interview with Umar Khalid in ‘Diplomatic Enclave’ on PTV World

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“Pakistan is back in business” – 

H.E. Ambassador Jauhar Saleem

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Our special wishes for you on this Eid

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World Class Shooting range to be build in Lahore

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Economy Talks: Investment opportunities in Sindh, Pakistan

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The Pakistan - Team

Long Night of the Consulates – A journey around the world in 240 minutes

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Lange Nacht der Konsulate

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Lange Nacht der Konsulate – Ein Herz für alle Kulturen

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Defence minister Khawaja Asif with Consul Dr. Poetis

Prosperous Pakistan “Made In Pakistan With German Engineering”

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